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Annual Report 2016

Enovos Luxembourg

Enovos is a key player in Luxembourg’s

energy transition towards a greener

future. How does the company position

itself on a market that is rapidly


Marco Hoffmann:

The mission of

Enovos is to provide electricity, natural

gas and renewable energies to a wide

range of customers including industrial

clients, SMEs and private households.

We therefore continuously invest in

energy production based on renewable

sources, thus ensuring a sustainable

and competitive energy supply for all

our customers. Furthermore, Enovos

aspires to play an active role in the

development and the implementation

of innovative solutions and business

models that arise from the fast

reshaping of the energy sector. Hence,

the four pillars of Enovos: ecomobility,

energy efficiency, smart applications

and distributed energy services.

2016 saw the publication of the

Rifkin study, in which the energy

sector plays an important role

and faces fundamental changes.

What challenges await Enovos?

Marco Hoffmann:

Key elements of

the energy part of the study are –

besides the creation of a national

energy Internet – energy efficiency and

ecomobility, areas Enovos is already

active in and which will be developed

further. Enovos fully supports the

development of ecomobility and

considers it an important part of its

business. Another central element of

the study is pursuing the exploitation

of the totality of Luxembourg’s

economically feasible renewable

energy production potential. To

reach this target, the development

of photovoltaic energy will have to

play a major role. As stated in the

study, reaching this target will be

a considerable challenge. This will

most probably not be possible by

only relying on rooftop mounted

photovoltaic installations. It will be

necessary to consider ground-mounted

installations too, in so-called PV parks,

as can be largely found in Germany.

Marc Reiffers:

Enovos has taken the

necessary measures to develop

PV parks for the German market.

Recently Enovos built three such parks

in Germany and will be able to rely

on this experience to develop similar

projects for the Luxembourg market.

How have the challenges mentioned

in the Rifkin study been anticipated

by Enovos?

Marc Reiffers:

Already in 2013,

Enovos responded to the need for

digitisation and decarbonisation and

created a new department called

“Energy Solutions and Services”. This

department promotes and develops

the four pillars mentioned beforehand:


Innovating today

for a better tomorrow

In a challenging environment, Enovos managed to maintain its high level

of performance. Despite having yet again achieved excellent results, the

company continues to strive for improvement in order to efficiently

and effectively address the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Marco Hoffmann and CEO Marc Reiffers

look back on the past year and reflect on upcoming challenges.